The Wollongong University Secular Society

Posted on: May 12, 2010

This post was originally released in the tert, and has been republished here for your befuddlement/enjoyment

Heard of us? No, well that’s ok you will soon enough. We are a new society that is here to make up for a few things we think are missing from campus at the moment. It’s strange that for an institution dedicated to learning more about the world and free exchange of ideas there isn’t any club with that focus.

If you’re interested in science or philosophy but not studying either, the only real chance you have to learn more is to find that information yourself. When you occasionally get into conversations with likeminded people it can be a great experience, but those times are often few and far between.

That is where we come in, we want to create a group where students can meet others who want to spending time discussing issues and ideas they are interested in. We also want the passionate thinkers among the university to get involved with us to organise events on campus that give others a chance to learn more, whether it be about science, politics, religion, philosophy or anything provided the ideas are discussed from a perspective of reason and evidence and honest.

Those are the two things that make up our approach to the topics that we discuss. We believe the ideas we bring to our discussion should be examined thoughtfully and freely, so that we form opinions of them based on the evidence and arguments that support them.

That’s also why we have the word secular in our name, most of the society is not religious but we are open to those from any religious background and encourage believers to join too. While we support the religious groups on campus that aim to promote the beliefs of their faith we take a different approach. We think that religion like any other idea should be examined by careful reasoning, with the evidence for and against considered as honestly as we can. This is no easy task and sadly many do not spend the intellectual effort engaging in it (that goes for some unbelievers too).

If you are able to be intellectually honest and believe things for the right reasons then that is something to be proud of. Most of us have taken that approach and dismissed the idea of god but that doesn’t mean everyone does. If you take this approach and still believe though then that’s something to be happy about, most of us would agree after all that it is better to be a believer who has taken the time to come to an informed decision rather than a non believer who has dismissed all religions carelessly.

Our club is the first one of its type on campus, dedicated to rational and evidence based inquiry into religion, philosophy, science and any idea that students like yourself want to talk about. If that appeals to you then get involved with our club, or just come along to our events as we hold them.

If your part of a club on campus, contact us and we will try to organise an event focused around what your club is about, be it religion, politics, culture, or anything


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