About WUSS

Welcome to the Wollongong University Secular Society blog, which we will be using until our site has been built. I’ll upload upcoming events, articles, videos, etc to this page so keep updated on it

Here is an introduction to our club, enjoy!

The wonderful world of the Wollongong University Secular Society (WUSS)

What we are

A club dedicated to reason and evidence based inquiry into science, religion, philosophy, politics and anything that holds our interest. We also exist to provide an alternative to traditional religious groups on campus, promoting naturalism, positive atheism/agnosticism, non traditional views of god, naturalism (science/empiricism) and morality grounded in secular humanism.

Who we are

Most members of the club are atheist and agnostic, some with unusual perspectives on god and a couple religious. We are from a variety of backgrounds, faculties, and will disagree on all sorts of issues.

What we do

We have meetings, presentations, debates, and more throughout the session. Information about events will be made available to anyone on our mailing list or facebook group. Here are two activites we have had during the session, the first is a debate you can watch and the second is a discussion you can get involved in.

Quite a great debate: In march following the Global Atheist Convention we organised a debate between the co-founder of public Christianity Greg Clarke, and the famous US atheist Dan Barker who spent decades as an evangelical minister before losing his faith. The event was a huge success and you can watch a recording of the debate yourself at tinyurl.com/wussdebate.

Mismatching service: Everyone loves an argument, except when they don’t (didn’t want to leave myself open to criticism there). We put together a list of common topics people disagreed about, related to god, homosexuality, global warming, etc. Participants would select their opinions on each topic they were interested in, and we would match them up with someone who completely disagreed with them. Arguments are done over email and still in progress, if you would like to be mistmatched with someone send a request to mismatchmakers@gmail.com.

How you can find out more

You can find out more about our club on our facebook page tinyurl.com/facebookwuss or by sending us an email at wussemail@@gmail.com.


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